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to the election and presidential debate and president obama and mitt romney are on the campaign trail trying to swing the voters in the swing state. >> fewer than 40 to go and less than a week before the presidential debate. two states are in the cross hairs. ohio a traditional swing state and the other one virginia. a newer kind of swing state and both of them will be there today both of them in ohio yesterday. they are following one another. and these guys might as well share the same campaign plane. president obama tried to rally voters and turned a gaffe into a attack. >> i want to seeous export near yobs and export more products, excuse me. i was channeling my opponent there for a second. and the mitt romney campaign tried to get a boost from a favorite ohio son jack nicholas. he was in toledo attacking the president for running up the debt. >> it is not good for the economy or jobs and in my view it is immoral for us to pass on obligation of kids. we got to stop. >> polls are daunting andine as the mitt romney campaign questions the validity of the numbers. they may serve as a wake-up
fault the voter's fault? >> they are trying to distort or positions and trying to distract people. at the end of the day i kinding that's going to work. >> he squares off with president obama in the first presidential debate. we will hear more from paul ryan about what he thinks romney has to do to woifrn the undecided voters. >>> let's talk about the weather now. shall we? >> maria molina is here with a look at our current temperatures. >> good morning ainsley and heather. good to see you this morning. good morning everyone. we are starting off on a cool note across portions of the great lakes. 44 in the city of cleveland. as we head eastbound new york city looking at the current temperature on the cool side as well as 54 degrees. if you live out west warm temperatures get ready anywhere from montana into the portion of the central rockies. you will notice a drop in temperatures. today on the warm side upper 70s down into portions of utah. you will be talking about actually some snow by midweek out there. also some freezing temperatures. inbound 70 not too bad. parts of the south
of independents in the democratic column but on a lbit of a roller-coaster ride with president obama. giving him high approval ratings but then... >> now we are at a point while most unaffiliated voter doss not approve the president their hostility isn't as strong as it was a year ago. >> september polling numbers are notoriously volatile with the october debate still to come. while the discussion continues about whether america's party preference shifted or whether too many democrats are being included in recent party sampling the gop should use the recent less ideal numbers to their advantage. >> if i were a republican i would look at it as a warning sign. you have time to do something about it. if you start to deny, denying does not change the problem. >> what's the impact of the various poll numbers? tone another's willingness to give and volunteers excitement about showing up to make calls and go door to door. things that could make all of the difference in the presidential race as tight as this year's. >>> earlier in the show we asked you to brew on this. a canadian father actually admits
of spin and hype on the part of the obama campaign to try to make it appear that they are going to cruise to victory in ohio. more than 350,000 of those voters are the decrease in the roles in the three largest counties. >>> an august study of the think tank third way found the voter registration declined out numbers the republican decline by a 10-1 margin. voter registration is down 4.9 percent. iowa down 9.5 percent. in new hampshire 19.7 percent. you can only elect the first african american in this country once. >>> it has been framed some result of republican efforts to suppress the vote. ohio republican secretary of state categorically rejects. >> it has to do with -- they can't woipoint to one voter whos been on the polls. >> there are about half a million more independents now than there were just four years ago. >> it is difficult to draw conclusions about how independents leave. independents are not a stable voting block at all. it will tame president to make thinking difficult. doug mcelway, fox news. >>> 25 after the hour. coming up this image sparking a major uproar. a little
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)